Really, this text is kind of moot. You don’t need this. The controls are inanely simple. Just poke around and figure it out. Yeah. That will actually take less time than reading this. But… If you insist…


Block Pointer: You can change this in-game. Select the VR menu, then select the Escape menu. Toggle the “Pointer Toggle” field. This will select either your headset (default) or one of your controllers as the block pointer. I like it set to Headset, but to each their own!


By default, your left controller is used for movement and pointing at things in the menu, while the right controller is used to hold things and use them. So, typically, the left controller trigger is like the left button on your mouse, and the right trigger is your right button. I’m sure at least half of you will hate it, so please just make some suggestions instead and eventually maybe I can make something everyone likes (lol!).


If you absolutely hate the defaults, you can edit the file and swap them by simply changing the true/false values. For example, you might set weapon_swap=true and motion_swap=false just to switch from mostly right-handed to mostly left-handed.


pointer_swap: which hand to use for pointing and clicking on things.
motion_swap: which hand to use for motion.
weapon_swap: which hand holds and uses blocks, items and weapons.
I can make these in-game if it turns out most people change them anyway!


Left-click/Right-click: has been replaced with the left/right controller triggers.
Jump: It’s something, but each controller is different. Side-trigger, controller handle squeeze or a button. Both controllers work for jumping. I usually move with one hand and jump with the other. Dunno why!
Forward/Back/Left/Right: Trackpad or Joystick, whichever it is you’ve got on your controller.
Hotbar Select: left/right on the trackpad or joystick that is in your weapons hand.
Up/Down: When flying or swimming, just tilt your motion controller up or down. Sounds easy, but not so much!
Hitting Things: Take a swing at it!
Placing Blocks: One of your triggers.
Bow: Pull trigger to load, release trigger to release arrow.
VR Menu: It’s a button somewhere on your controller. You will find it.