Have you read the FIGHT BACK page?


OreSpawn on MC is no longer available. It has been taken down. It is done. And no, you CANNOT have any rights to it whatsoever. I DO NOT WANT IT PORTED. More than three quarters of the material is directly mine, 100% created by me. The other bits, mostly creatures, were created by a number of other people who gave the rights to use them only to me. If you want to port creatures that were NOT created by me, then you have to track down their creators and get their permission. As for the creatures and other content created by me… no, no, no, no, and again, no. Now get over it. It’s time to fade away out of MC gracefully, once and for all, for good…


Of course, fading out of MC doesn’t mean it’s completely dead! OreSpawn is alive on DangerZone and DangerZone-VR, both of which you can download right here.


DangerZone should run on most older and smaller machines. If you’ve got an antique graphics card, DangerZone is for you. This version is not up-to-date, but still contains 95% of the content and fun! 


DangerZone-VR is OpenVR compatible. Any headset that is also OpenVR compatible should work. Just run SteamVR first, then run DangerZone-VR from the console via Win10Launcher.bat. It will attach automatically. Don’t have a headset? No problem. Edit the DangerZone.properties file and set “isVR=false”, then again just use the Win10Launcher.bat file to launch. It will play just like the normal DangerZone, but with faster and more modern graphics. Yes, you can switch back and forth. I do it all the time. 


Both DangerZone and DangerZone-VR now come packaged with their own little open-source java 1.8 runtime package. You no longer have to install java!


DangerZone (the original!)


For those of you who like to tweak their games… The source code build-kit is available for download here! Customize your game just the way you want! Add creatures! Add blocks! Add dimensions! Do anything you damn well please, because you have the source code and can build it! The truly amazing thing about DZ though, is the absolutely unreal cycle-time. (hunh?) From the time you edit a file, to the time you are testing it in the game – less than 10 seconds!!! It is amazing how much you can get done when you don’t have to twiddle your thumbs for minutes at a time while waiting for your game to load. DZ is FAST FAST FAST! — All sorts of helpful videos on Youtube. Search for “Richard Clark DangerZone” in Youtube. There are also groups on the web somewhere… maybe discord? I don’t know… (Eclipse/Java and the original Techne model editor!)








DZVR – playable in both VR and non-VR modes! All the latest and greatest content and bugfixes!



DangerZone-VR 2.3


DangerZone-VR 2.4


DangerZone-VR 2.5



Try DZVR 2.5 in non-VR mode! Now with less dark!

Press ESC in-game. Set NoDark to true!   🙂

DZVR 2.4 100% playable IN SURVIVAL, legit, beginning to end!


New Armor and Tools!







Thank you for being a fan!