Model Credits:

So many talented people have spent a significant amount of time creating models. They deserve to receive proper credit! So here, we thank all the wonderfully artistic creators of the fabulous OreSpawn mobs! Thanks guys!!!!

All of these models were either made by me, given to me, or posted PUBLIC on Techne. All the work I did to them, animation and entity included, was then posted back PUBLIC onto Techne, free for anyone to use. None of these models were stolen.


Known Creators:

Terrible Terror: Copperfist
Lurking Terror: Dark Leviathan
Creeping Horror: Dark Leviathan
Triffid: Viorp
Kraken: Pampanapa, texture Me
Lizard: Pampanapa, texture Me
Kyuubi: Darkstar108
Water Dragon: BlueEyes9, texture Me
Dragon: BlueEyes9
Cephadrome: Heltrato and Me, texture Me
Emperor Scorpion: LordBowin
WTF: Kitsu
Bee: Pampanapa, texture Me
Chipmunk: CakeBake
Gazelle: CakeBake
Jumpy Bug: LordBownin
Spit Bug: LordBowin
Camarasaurus: Tyranno66
Bird: Alexwii3, textures Me
Mobzilla: Me and Pampanapa, texture Me
Nightmare Sword: MrRockstar1539
Cassowary: epicdjs
Gold Fish: LordBowin
Dungeon Beast: Pampanapa
Stinky: BluesEyes9
Sea Monster: Pampanapa, texture Me
Sea Viper: Pampanapa, texture Me
Ender Knight – UncleOil, Texture by Lord Arrani
Ender Reaper – UncleOil, Texture by Lord Arrani
Robo-Gunner – UncleOil
Robo-Pounder – UncleOil
Robo-Warrior – Pixel, Texture by UncleOil
Cavefisher – The GnomeWorks
Baby Dragon – MTX1996


Unknown Creators:

I went back to search for the original model creators on Techne, and could not find most of them. If you created one of the models below, please send me your username and the link to the original posted model on Techne (for verification). I will happily add you in here!

Cliff Racer,
Velocity Raptor,
Attack Squid,
Stink Bug,
Cloud Shark,
and Beaver.


From the Avatar mod:

A special thanks to the guys at the Avatar mod for sharing their fantastic models!!!
Leonopteryx – KarryBird
Hammerhead – KarryBird



Almost all the sounds from


Girlfriend voice:

Jessica Sauls!


Everything else:

About another 150 models, all the animations, all the behaviors, all the gameplay, all the coding, ALL THE TESTING… HECK, EVEN THE GAME ITSELF, THE GRAPHICS AND THE PHYSICS… ME. Yes, I did it.

Don’t for a second think I didn’t do 99.9% of the work here.