Specialty weapons are, well, special… It should be obvious why!



Big Hammer. Because sometimes you just want to smash something and see if it bounces.



Poker. Not the cards, just a nice poking stick. You poke things with it.



Squid Gun! Shoots Attack Squid. Remember not to kill them yourself or you may bring the wrath of the Kraken!



Alice. Quite shoots fairly harmless creatures. Sometimes a little hostile one gets out. Not usually.



Dawn. Shoots some pretty mean bosses. Don’t use unless you really want to wreak havoc on someone! Big trouble, really fast…



Karen. Yeah, like that. The internet Karen meme. Insanely hostile. Instants chaos. Mega-death. Perhaps you should think twice about using this weapons. It’s not generally a good idea!



Shrink Ray! Makes big creatures little! Mostly works, but not on the really huge bosses, of course.



Fairy Sword! Spawn your own loyal Fairy army as you fight!



Rat Sword! Swans rats as you battle. Lead your own infestation. Be the leader of the rat mega-horde!



Rose Sword. Calms girlfriends on Valentines Day. Only works in-game, not in real life. Sorry.



Mantis Claw. OK, well, nothing really special about this one, it’s just a Mantis claw. Maybe this one doesn’t really go on this page…



Chain Saw! Spreads the damage around to anything nearby! Great for ripping through mass hordes of mobs. Stay clear of your friends while using it! The “Slayer” does just that… it slays!