BOSSES (The important ones!)


Some bosses are more important than others, for example, the ones you need to build Big Bertha, and then Mobzilla, the Queen, and The King! It’s not easy to figure out where to find some of them, or even how to get there even if you know where to go…. So here is some absolutely invaluable help that I’ve found while playing through in survival mode myself…


Hints you can’t live without!


Items you will need to assemble Big Bertha (also available in the crafting gui):

Worm Tooth, Kraken Tooth, Vortex Eye, Ultimate Sword (unused!), T.Rex Tooth, CaterKiller Jaw, Sea Viper Tongue, Sea Monster Scale, Nightmare Scale, Jumpy Bug Scale, Molenoid Nose, Emperor Scorpion Scale, Mothra Scale, Basilisk Scale, Ray Gun, Green Goo, Big Hammer, Mantis Claw, and a Water Dragon Scale.




Worm Tooth: Find a Large Worm while wandering around in the Overworld, day or night, it attacks from underground. Keep an eye on your armor!



Kraken Tooth: You can get to the Kraken King dimension by killing a baby Chaos Demon, and then killing it’s Babysitter. Baby Chaos Demons can be found in the Windswept dimension by slogging through the dimensions one by one jumping on cockroaches. Easier though, is to find them in the Zoo Dimension using a Zoo Ant. Krakens can also sometimes be summoned by killing a few little blue Attack Squids. Make sure you have a few caged Cephadromes and some raw meat on hand! Cephadromes love to attack Krakens. Learn to fly them.



Vortex Eye: Can be found in the Crystal dimension. You can only get there with a completely empty inventory and using a Termite. Of course, you could cheat and take along a few girlfriends who it seems can each carry one item for you, you know, like an ultimate bow… But good luck keeping them all alive after you’re there! Vortexes are nocturnal.



T. Rex Tooth: Dinosaurs galore in the Mining Dimension. 3x Ores too! Totally worth the trip. Use a Red Ant to get there. Maybe keep a low profile at night. Gets pretty wild. T. Rexs are nocturnal.



CaterKiller Jaw: These can be found in CaterKillers, which like to hold on to them while they are living. Caterkillers can be found in the Big Round Tree and Pathway dimensions, which can only be gotten to by jumping on a cockroach. They are usually the next two dimensions after the Overworld.



Sea Viper Tongue: Sea Vipers are nocturnal and naturally spawn in the water. Can usually be found swimming around in the Mining dimension (Red Ant), the Rugged Hills dimension (cockroach), or the Big Round Tree dimension (cockroach).



Sea Monster Scale: Sea Monsters can be found roaming around and fighting with Sea Vipers, both of which seem to like their body-parts and don’t like giving them up.



Nightmare Scale: Oh yeah. Good luck with this one. Nightmares can see through walls. There is nowhere to hide. Be prepared to spend some time running, or get airborne and get up to an island in the sky. Quickest way to get to the Danger dimension is via the Unstable Ant. Quickest way out is to die and start over. Nightmares are nocturnal, of course. You’d better be armed to the hilt, or be prepared to eat dirt…



Jumpy Bug Scale: OMG are these things insane to fight! Jumpy bugs can be found in the Big Round Tree, Pathway, and Rugged Hills dimensions. (all via jumping on a cockroach) They are nocturnal.



Molenoid Nose: You might run into an Inca Ruin in the Danger dimension, but Molenoids are more likely to be found in the Robot (via Robot Ant), Mining (via Red Ant), Overworld, and Rugged Hills dimensions. Moles only come out at night. If you are really lucky, you might find one that has already fought a few dinosaurs and lost… Stay clean! Molenoid dirt is nasty…



Emperor Scorpion Scale: Oh such fun awaits you! Emperor Scorpions only spawn in the Rugged Hills dimension, and only at night, and only in the desert. Just wander around in the desert night and he will show… Provided you stay alive long enough…



Mothra Scale: MOTHRA rather likes these… To him him, just look for forest fires. He’s really good at starting forest fires. The Mining (Red Ant) dimension and the Rugged Hills dimensions are where you can find Mothra. At night, of course. He’s a moth after all!



Basilisk Scale: Basilisk are plentiful, at night, in the Big Round Tree and Pathway dimensions.



Ray Gun: Not too easy. Find your way to the Robot (Robot Ant) dimension. Wait for nightfall. Wait for the Robot Warrior. 50-50 chance he will drop a Ray Gun when (if) you kill him.



Green Goo: No, not the stuff in your sister’s nose. Yuk. This is real green goo, from a Triffid. Triffids are plant-like animals that can usually be found on top of a greenhouse in the Danger (Unstable Ant) dimension.



Big Hammer: This is what a Hercules Beetle gets its massive strength from! Find Hercules Beetles in the Mining (Red Ant), Rugged Hills, and Pathway dimensions. During the day, I believe… I just hope you don’t have a fear of falling… lol!



Mantis Claw: No worries. The Mantis will find you. All you have to do is convince it to give you a claw.



Water Dragon Scale: Obviously found in the water, and fond of their scales, these little rascals are pretty darn tough and known to follow you out of the water! Find them in the Mining (Red Ant) and Rugged Hills dimensions at night.




And then, of course… It’s time to really get decked out… You’ve got your Big Bertha (at least 1 I hope! Or some Duct Tape at least), and a few sets of Ultimate Armor, and perhaps a few things to fly around on, like Cephadromes or Hoverboards, or maybe you found a Morph Staff… and don’t forget food, like Crystal Apples, and Golden Apples, etc…



Because Mobzilla is next! You’ve got to get to the Robot dimension and hang around a bit to find him. You need his scales to make armor even tougher than Ultimate. You need it, because you’re toast without it.



Toast. Toast is a good word when describing your interaction with the Queen. She likes her scales as much as Mobzilla liked his! But she can be even nastier. Did you bring your Kraken Repellents? Or Moose Repellents? Those work too. Without repellents to ward off the Purple Power Orbs you’re toast faster than you can say… toast! The Queen can usually be found guarding her Treasure Tree in the Utopia (Brown Ant) dimension.




Queen not tough enough? You can try The King. Again, he can be found in the Utopia (Brown Ant) dimension guarding his tree. Beware, both he and the Queen have really really good eyesight. Good luck getting close!



There are many many other Bosses and TONS of other stuff to do. Just hit F11 in-game for some (lol!) ideas. You’ll be happily busy and immersed in the game for weeks.