Very sharp objects.

Don’t poke yourself!



Nightmare Sword! From the scales of Nightmares! Helps tackle bad dreams too!



Dragon’s Eye Sword. If you survive the Dragon’s Lair Dimension and get a chance to do a little mining, this could be yours!



Looks like a Tiger’s Eye Sword to me! Meh. Give it to your girlfriend. Maybe she can find an outfit to match it with.



OK. No. Sure, you’re man enough to wear pink. But a pink sword? I don’t think so. 



Nice Crystal Stone Sword. Not overly powerful, but will do in a pinch. Trade up soon…



Like a wooden Sword, but Crystal. Now go make yourself a real weapon.



The Ultimate Sword! Now we’re talking! You have arrived! Serious weaponry for serious mobs.



Ruby Sword. Very nice. Looks especially good after a nice long battle and you’re covered in the blood of a few nasty beasties.



Amethyst Sword. Good stuff. Worth holding on to until you can get yourself an Ultimate one!



Emerald Sword. Deadly and stylish.



Experience Sword. Like the Emerald Sword, but you get bonus experience while you battle!



Poison Sword. Just nasty…